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Padmore & Barnes

Lacing up a pair of Padmore & Barnes is kind of like traveling 80 years into the past. The longtime footwear manufacturer out of Kilkenny, Ireland made its mark back then with maximally-comfy crepe-soled footwear handstitched in the homes of local craftsmen. They might strike you as familiar because they caught the eye of Clarks in the ‘60s-’80s, manufacturing the cult-classic Wallabee whose design still sells out around the world today. When Clarks moved manufacturing overseas however, Padmore & Barnes decided to keep making that same cushy, crepe-soled footwear under their own name. Yep, the pairs you’ll find here are still handstitched in the homes of Kilkenny craftsmen like they were all those years ago, and we’re proud to be the only retailer in North America currently stocking this collection.

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