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Kelly Slater surfs, and John Moore designs. Bring the two champions of their respective fields together, and the result is Outerknown—top-notch menswear built to some of the industry’s highest production standards. When you’ve got your eye on cleaning the Earth’s oceans like these guys, you can’t afford to cut corners. And you create versatile pieces that look great and cost less in the long run, because you’ll wear them so damn much over the years. Among this season’s limited collection, we have to shout out the Blanket Shirt. Famous for its thick, rugged weave, it’s an essential fall overshirt perfect for throwing on for weekend trips upstate, or cozy nights in with a glass of whiskey. We’ve got to hand it to Outerknown for insisting on doing things right, and building wardrobe champs like these along the way.

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