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“You already trust your $1,000 phone to OtterBox’s legendary protection — now all your favorite sandwiches (and, okay, beer) can get the same, easily-portable treatment.” — Gear Patrol

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. OtterBox builds some of the toughest coolers we’ve ever shoved in the back of our trucks, converted into a campfire seat, and repeatedly slammed open and shut when reachin’ for a frosty beer. And we really do mean frosty — with a full two inches of refrigeration-grade insulating foam, their hard coolers keep ice cold for up to two weeks. Our own crew tested ‘em out in Yosemite, Big Sur, and all along the Pacific Coast Highway, vouching for the insane levels of refrigeration and durability. So whether you’re off the grid car camping or headin’ up to the lake, these best-in-class coolers have what it takes to earn a permanent spot amongst your weekend essentials. Just make sure to bring a koozie so you don’t freeze your hands off.

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