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Osma Cold Brew Maker


Color: Silver




A sleek, stylish coffee maker that makes cafe-quality cold brew in 90 seconds

The small team behind Osma, first and foremost, comprises coffee lovers. That’s what gave them the drive to rethink everything about coffee extraction from the physics level upward. The result is the Osma Cold Brew maker, which uses their own patent-pending process to brew cold brew coffee in less than two minutes, through a process that basically sounds like straight-up magic to anyone who’s not a physics major. The resulting cup has the mouthfeel and the crema of a classic espresso, but since there’s no heat in the process it preserves a whole world of extra compounds that are otherwise destroyed. You can brew over ice for a classic cup of cold brew, or brew it as concentrate with a little less water and add hot water for an Americano-style hot coffee.

  • Made to Order
  • Brews cafe-quality cold brew coffee in a matter of minutes
  • Patent-pending recirculation, microcavitation and pressurized process for precision extraction
  • Easy to use with just a few simple steps between you and a cup of cold brew
  • Brew over ice for cold brew or use less water for a concentrate and add hot water for hot coffee
  • 3 oz - 12 oz brewing capacity lets you dial in the right strength for your personal taste
  • Easy to clean by just running fresh water through it
  • Engraved with serial number out of the first run of 1000 machines
  • Includes Osma Pro Cold Brew Maker, 58 mm E61 portafilter, 58 mm distributor/tamper, and AC power cord
  • Assembled by hand in Fremont, CA using parts machined in Oregon

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