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Orient USA

Orient USA

Though we’re far from the first to say it, it bears repeating: few brands in all of watchmaking represent a better value than Orient. Sure, each watch comes with over a half-century of manufacturing and design savvy, but what really gets us going is how Orient is one of the last few watch brands on the planet who make their own movements in-house. And to do so with the overall build quality of these watches is literally unheard of at this price point. The world’s most popular source for watch reviews aBlogtoWatch concurs, having recently called Orient “The best mechanical choices for anyone on a budget.”

There’s a lot to love about the Bambino, starting with the head-scratchingly affordable price tag attached to this dressed up and Japanese-made mechanical watch. The movement’s as reliable as the sun in the sky and has that indescribably cool second-hand sweep you just can’t get with quartz. And while the case is sized to contemporary standards, the dial speaks the language of classic mid-century dress watch design like a native. Backed up by Orient’s dedication to hold its watches to the highest standards of style, reliability and value, you might just find yourself scratching your head trying to think of a reason not to buy one.

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