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Delivers After Christmas
Made in the USA
  • Delivers After Christmas
    Made in the USA

    RCR Electric Motorbike - 72V DRT Kit in DRT Kit / 41AH Battery / Black / Indicators

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    Color: DRT Kit / 41AH Battery / Black / Indicators

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    Insanely fun, whisper-quiet electric motorbike you’ll want to use every day of the week

    When it comes to your daily commute, the miles-per-gallon metric tends to dominate the conversation. What if we thought bigger? Sure, efficiency is a major factor—and something that ONYX Motorbikes performs very, very well at—but just imagine a world where your commute was measured in smiles-per-mile. What if your commute was one of the highlights of your day, every day? The ONYX RCR Electric Motorbike is whisper-quiet, accelerates to 60 mph in just six seconds, and is packed full of features that deliver ear-to-ear grins, whether you’re heading to work or heading to the store to grab last-minute ingredients for dinner. It doesn’t get much better than that.

    DRT Kit upgrades to the Standard model

    • Knobby tires
    • A headlight grill
    • Front and rear fenders
    • Fork gators
    • A rear rack

    • Whisper-quiet electric motorbike, hand-built to order in California
    • The ultimate commuter bike saves on gas during the week and delivers face-splitting grins all weekend long
    • Zero to 60 mph in just six seconds, with an insane 72 volts of torque available at the flick of your wrist
    • Svelte profile and anti-theft alarm make hunting for parking spaces a thing of the past
    • 3 Speed Modes: E-Bike (0-20 MPH) Normal (20-40 MPH) and SPRT (40-60 MPH) are well-suited for neighborhood cruises, weekday commutes, and weekend rips
    • 17” heavy-duty wheels are up for anything the city can throw at it
    • Regenerative braking system puts power back into the battery when you brake, helping to extend range
    • Commute-optimized tires deliver smooth, zippy trips around the city
    • Ships within 7 days of ordering
    • Made in California
    • Battery: 41 AH/72 V
    • Charger: 5 AH
    • Modes: ECO E-Bike 0-20 MPH, NORM (20-40 MPH), SPRT (40-60 MPH)
    • Range: ECO (70-100 miles), NORM (50-70 miles), SPRT (20-50 miles)
    • Peak Torque: 193 N.m
    • Kit: DRT Kit
    • Tires: 17” Knobby
    • Wheelbase: 47.09”
    • Seat Height: 33.38”

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