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The humble bath towel has a central flaw—when they don’t air out perfectly they tend to get funky, and make your bathroom funky too. While most towel makers stood by complacently, Onsen worked behind the scenes researching, prototyping, and honing their rescue plan for all of us who never want to subject their towels to a “sniff test” ever again. Behold: The Waffle Weave Towel and Robe. Not only does their lightweight long-staple cotton design dry faster than traditional terry by a long shot, their 3D texture is downright comfortable and refreshing when you step out of the shower. So in addition to drying you off faster and drying themselves faster, they keep your bathroom fresh throughout the week. It’s a small change that’s made a huge improvement to our morning routines. Drying off with the towels and throwing on the robe for a little r&r brings a bit of spa-like luxury into the rest of your home. We have so many Onsen converts here in our office, we’ve even teamed up with them on exclusives in a Huckberry Blue you can only find here. Here’s to the powers of the waffle weave.

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