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Though Omega watches have been busy saving the day for Apollo astronauts (real life), and British secret agents (not real life) alike for over 45 years, they’ve actually been a fixture in the world of prestigious Swiss timekeeping for a hell of a lot longer — since 1848, to be exact. Omega has built its name in rarified air — a place between style and utility, where constant innovation, iconic design and supreme capability have made “Speedmaster” and “Seamaster” revered names in watchmaking. Omega is also the only company that we know of that makes watches officially certified for the heights of space, as well as ocean depths up to 600 crushing meters. See what we mean? Rarified air — or rather, places where air doesn’t even exist.

We're awfully proud to bring selections from the last 20 years of Omega history in this exclusive Pre-Owned Watch Shop, wherein you'll find Seamasters spanning two decades (and two fine actors) of Bond films, along with the subtly modernized Speedmaster 'Moonwatch' that brought astronauts Lovell, Swigert and Haise safely home — each of which comes with its own unique wabi, ensuring no two watches in the collection are exactly alike. However, rest assured they've all been serviced, pressure-tested for water resistance, and include a two-year timekeeping warranty, guaranteeing faithful and reliable service for your next diving, spacewalking or globetrotting mission.

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