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If you could go back in time and redesign anything to function just a little bit better, what would you choose? The shape of a pizza box (why is it square)? Doors that only pull and don’t push? How about fragile sunglasses that break way too easily? Well, minus the time machine, that’s exactly what Ombraz did. It all started during a trip around the world in 2011, when co-founder Jensen Brehm wound up with a broken pair of sunnies. The arms had been completely squashed in a sitting incident—so he tied some twine to the hinges and found his impromptu solution to be surprisingly comfy and super practical. Eight years and several prototypes later, Ombraz now engineers a lineup of completely indestructible shades based on that original design, all built with adventurous lifestyles in mind. Engineered with scratch-proof, polarized Carl Zeiss lenses and built-in croakies, they pack completely flat and never get in the way. Listen Jensen, we’re sorry about your broken shades, but we’re also pretty glad someone sat on them.

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