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Olly Day



Color: Solid Grey




A portable serotonin-stimulating lamp to help with your energy and focus

Serotonin and melatonin play big roles in our energy levels during the day and the quality of our sleep at night. Our ability to synthesize those hormones is influenced by sunlight. Anyone who works odd hours, lives where it’s cloudy, or spends long hours indoors might not be picking up enough of the serotonin-producing rays that the sun sends out. That’s what Olly aims to correct. With a portable design and specially calibrated 480nm wavelengths, Olly Day can help you power through your to-do list, invigorated and focused.

  • Portable, rechargeable light that can help with insomnia, low energy, and seasonal blues
  • 480nw wavelength light stimulates serotonin production to help with energy and focus
  • Small size is about the same as a coffee cup and fits easily on your desktop
  • Timer is set for 25-minute sessions, which can be repeated up to three times per day
  • Protective lid acts as a magnetic stand when Olly is in use
  • Tilting activates the light for a 25 minute session
  • Rechargeable via USB-C

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