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Even professional photographers can’t deny the divide between the versatility and power of a full-frame DSLR and the portability of a good smartphone. We never seem to have the camera when we want it, and our phones, though always on us, lack the options we need to capture the moment. The happy medium? Olloclip. Each olloclip attaches to your phone, enabling you to quickly swap between a fisheye, wide angle, telephoto, or macro lenses for maximum detail in those close-ups. Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and measuring only the width of a quarter, the olloclip is ultra-lightweight and slips easily into your pocket so it’s ready to be deployed in a flash. The 4-in-1 model (available for both iPhones and Samsung Galaxies) is our personal favorite, offering up a full range of lens options to suit any situation. Professional adventure photographer and friend of Huckberry, Andy Best, swears by the ease of use and the precision-ground coated-glass optics, and that’s praise enough for us. Like carrying a whole camera bag of lenses in your pocket, the olloclip is a must-have for nabbing that perfect shot, and earning loads of “double-taps” from your followers.

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