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Panel Room Heater


Color: White




The modern day reimagining of the classic radiator

With reliable and consistent radiant heat that can heat up a whole room, the Panel Room Heater is a must for winter. Sustainable in not only its efficiency but also in the fact that you can heat only a single room rather than blasting the whole house at once. The sleek, modern design is a much needed update that lets it blend into any modern decor.

  • Heat small to medium sized rooms with even, natural heat up to 1000 watts
  • Automatic mode lets you set a temperature and the heater finds it automatically
  • Manual operation in two different heat setting, Low and High
  • Shut-down timer lets you set how long the unit operates for
  • Includes a remote control for changing settings without getting up
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen panel for choosing options
  • Thin, compact design that blends into the background
  • Whisper quiet operation isn’t distracting or annoying
  • Automatic shut-off function, thermostat protection, and child lock settings for added safety

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