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Nude Glass

Malt Whiskey Bottle with Wooden Tray


Color: Clear




Handmade Turkish glassware revered for its purity, clarity, and strength

One of those friends who knows way too much about wine—we’ve all got at least one—turned us onto Nude Glass recently, singing the praises of one of their wine glasses. After a little digging, and a lot of subsequent raiding of the office bar cart, we found there was a lot more to get excited about. Based in Turkey, Nude carries the torch for the longstanding tradition of Turkish handmade glass that’s renowned for its purity, clarity, and strength. The designs are simple yet refined, sticking to tradition where it works and tweaking what doesn’t. In the interest of better equipping your bar cart for your beverages of choice, we curated a selection of their high-quality glassware here on Huckberry to take your imbibing pleasure to the next level.

  • Designed by Mikko Laakkonen, known for his designs that seamlessly meld form and function
  • Store your favorite spirit in a handsome, well-crafted bottle that’s fit to display in any room
  • Includes a wooden tray with room for your favorite whiskey glass
  • Refined design that displays the mastery and craftsmanship of handmade glass
  • Made of pure, lead-free crystalline glass that contains minerals to strengthen the glass
  • Made in Turkey

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