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Northern Lights Optic

Northern Lights Optic

In the lexicon of classic adventure gear, the classic glacier glass is about as iconic as an ice ax or steel crampon, but unlike those alpinist essentials, it transcends its original design intent, and makes the jump into civilian life with ease. Northern Lights Optic strikes that perfect balance between the two – channeling the style and intrepid spirit of guys like Norgay and Hillary, without breaking stride when the bush plane touches down on the tarmac. Every NLO frame is inspired by optical heavyweights like the P3 round immortalized by John Lennon (the NL6) and the ultra-classic aviator (the all-new NL12). However, each iconic silhouette has been subtly modernized with premium, hand-laid acetates and removable leather blinders that fully protect your moneymakers from blinding glare and eye-watering speeds (hear that motoheads?). It’s that distinct anachronistic warmth with Northern Lights Optic that has made them a fresh addition in our EDC; a style echo that salutes the past, but remains fully grounded in any adventure of the present – urban, alpine and beyond.

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