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Norlan Glass

Norlan Glass

Being a ragtag group of highly experienced whiskey drinkers, we can safely say that Norlan’s built one the best looking, most sophisticated whiskey glasses on the planet. Not only is it eye-catching enough for Indiana Jones to sprint through a Mayan mineshaft for, but it also improves your whiskey’s taste and smell, finally allowing you to experience all those smooth caramelly notes the experts talk about. The team of industrial designers, fluid dynamics experts, and master distillers who built this glass spent a year and a half optimizing it for aeration and aroma. Three dozen prototypes and over $800k on Kickstarter later they finally held a glass that lived up their standards.

It works like this: protrusions in the bottom of the Norlan’s interior make whiskey swirl like a natural wave, giving it more contact with the air, and enriching its flavor. The glass’s shape, meanwhile, focuses the whiskey’s aroma into your nose while diffusing its stinging alcoholic bite away from your face. The end result lets you savor your whiskey’s complexities like a true connoisseur while sipping from a stylish glass sure to be the coolest looking thing on your bar cart. So sit back, relax, and savor. Now might be just the right time to start that whiskey collection you’ve been thinking about.

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