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In a world filled with disposable goods, the husband and wife duo at Norden are giving their candles a second life by creating them to serve a purpose even after the wick has burned all the way down. In addition to an incredibly long burn time of 80 hours (during which you could read the entirety of Infinite Jest and still have time to kill), after a quick rinse, the candle’s handsome ceramic vessel can be repurposed into a hearty coffee cup or a pot for your succulents.

All of Norden’s ceramics, candles and planters included, are hand thrown in Encinitas, CA — the same place where each candle is poured using American-made soy wax, premium natural fragrances, and essential oils. With a range of scents from the cypress and palo santo of the new Ojai candle to the cedarwood campfire smell of Big Sur, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to bring Cali’s sun- (and fog) soaked vibes inside your home.

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