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Heirloom Leatherman multi-tool, vintage dive watch, wallet you’ve had nearly ten years, iPhone XS with OLED Super Retina displ—wait. Wait a second. That last one seems a bit off, right? Well if you’re familiar with Nomad, not necessarily. Thanks to their team of smart, minimalist designers we now have cases for our iPhone and AirPods that if anything elevate the collection of the patina-hungry gear in our pockets. Using leather from the historic Horween tannery that’s right down the block from Wrigley field in Chicago, Nomad protects our tech but also gives our pockets a sense of rugged style. And the personalized wear that sturdy, premium leather is prized for. So rather than being a fancy outlier from the future, now your phone and accessories fit right in with the rest of the gang.

We fell so hard for Nomad’s gear, we had them design a new wireless charging base station exclusively for our shop. The walnut design topped with a Horween leather pad looks straight outta one of those storied university clubs downtown, where you’re billed for your tab at the end of the month and the bathroom is always stocked with thick hand towels. With three charging coils that are powerful enough to juice up multiple devices at once, it’s just as convenient as it is good lookin’. Bravo!

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