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Nite Ize

S-Biner Ahhh



Color: Black




A dual-sided carabiner with a million and one uses, including popping the top off your beer

Consider the carabiner: From hanging a lantern in a tent to attaching our keys to a belt loop, life presents many occasions to marvel at its elegant simplicity and utter reliability. And there’s something inexplicably satisfying about the snap of the gate, something that soothes our souls of any anxious thoughts about where our gear will be when we look for it next, for the humble carabiner stewards your gear faithfully, keeping it attached securely where you put it until you need it next. Nite Ize brought a new look and new functionality to this essential piece of kit with their S-biner design, bringing everyday functionality to a utilitarian design that makes us love it even more. The cherry on top? This one comes with a built in bottle opener—two essential pieces of EDC in one sleek package.

  • High-quality stainless steel construction for durability and functionality
  • Lightweight build that you won’t even notice on your belt loop
  • Store valuables on one end, clip securely with the other
  • Built-in bottle opener that pops bottle tops with ease
  • Sturdy gate closures that keep your gear safe and secure
  • Attach and carry keys, water bottles, camping gear, or attach two items together

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