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Nicks Boots

Up in Spokane, Washington, there’s a workshop lined with towering shelves of shoe lasts (over 2,500 of ‘em), rolls of premium leather, and a handful of craftsmen meticulously perfecting each pair of hardwearing boots that passes through their skilled hands. We’re talking about Nicks Boots—celebrated American bootmakers since 1964. One look at their impressive shop and you’ll find categories dubbed “Fire Boots,” “Serious Work Boots,” and “Safety Series,”—a decent sign these boots mean business. Using premium leather and materials sourced only from the US, each and every boot is hand-cut, hand-stitched, and hand-finished in America, and fully resoleable for a lifetime’s worth of wear. Their Falcon is handsdown their handsomest boot, combining the well-made longevity of a hardcore work boot with the more stylish attitude of an everyday boot. Lucky for you, this versatile construction lets you wear it anytime and anywhere you damn well please.

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