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Nebia by Moen Combo/Overhead Shower in Chrome White


Color: Chrome White

One Size
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Take your daily shower from a simple routine to a restorative experience

A good shower is about more than just cleanliness, it's a renewal process. Whether you're stepping under the water at the end of a long day or before the day even starts, it can feel as good as a long, deep breath or that first sip of coffee. Nebia understands this better than most, using a sustainably-minded approach to enrich the experience even further. This shower head features their proprietary spray nozzle which gives you double the coverage while saving about half the water, reducing the impact on the environment and your wallet.

  • Saves water while providing a better way to shower, built for your personal preferences
  • Comes with the shower head and detachable wand
  • Up to 45% water savings for a reduced environmental impact
  • Easy DIY install in less than 15 minutes, no plumbing tools required
  • Engineered for optimal warmth, rinsing and body coverage
  • Atomization process breaks the water up into tiny droplets, providing more coverage and saving gallons of water each time you shower
  • A more immersive, spa-like sensation and steam-like effect
  • 17" vertical slide allows you to easily adjust the height to better fit different users
  • Flow rate as low as 1.3 gallons-per-minute
  • Comes with Nebia's limited lifetime warranty
  • Rainshower: Tiltable showerhead with a swiveling arm for a customizable shower experience
  • Wand: Easily detaches from its mount to give you freeform usage
  • Slide Mount: 17” vertical slide for easy height adjustment
  • Simple and intuitive “click together” features assure watertight seals

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