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Neat Glass

Artisan Whiskey Glass - Set of 2


Color: Clear




The award-winning spirits glass scientifically designed for the ultimate tasting experience

Taste and aroma are the true measures of a spirit’s quality, and the Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass is designed to emphasize both using the links between olfactory physiology and molecular science to reveal the hidden delights of your favorite spirit. Just pour, swirl, sniff and sip to experience liquor tasting like you never have before.

  • Scientifically designed to achieve the perfect blend of taste and smell sensations
  • Used by experts worldwide in tasting competitions
  • Evaporates ethanol alcohol first, leaving your nose free to take in all of a spirit’s subtle aromas
  • Simplifies the spirit tasting experience so anyone can enjoy the subtle flavors and aromas of fine spirits
  • Fine hand-blown lead-free crystal construction
  • Handwash recommended, but dishwasher safe in most circumstances

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