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Naked & Famous

Weird Guy - Slim Fit - Duck Canvas Selvedge



Color: Duck Canvas Selvedge



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Damn good jeans at a decent price, made in Canada with Japanese fabric

Naked & Famous are known in denimhead circles as purveyors of fine and exotic selvage denims. There are a few of us here at HBHQ that love ‘em for it too — but for the rest of us, they have a solid line-up of core selections that surpass your standard department store jeans but don’t quite qualify as exotic either. Let’s just say that for the majority of pants wearers around these parts, their core line falls right in the sweet spot between the two extremes. And we’re willing to bet that if you’re here reading this page, it’s gonna fall right in that sweet spot for you too.

  • Lightweight yet super durable selvage duck canvas construction
  • Tightly woven plainweave fabric traditionally used in workwear
  • Woven on old-school shuttle looms with a self-finished edge
  • Midweight fabric suitable for year-round wear
  • Cut, sewn, and finished in Canada

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