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Naked & Famous

Naked & Famous knows denim like their Canadian brother James Cameron knows how to make a blockbuster. From glow-in-the-dark denim to the slubbiest selvage the world has ever known, they make the type of jeans that the most hardcore denim nerds go nuts over.

What’s that mean for the rest of us? Those who admittedly aren’t sure which side of the fabric is the warp and which is the weft? Simply put, it means you can trust any pair with the Naked & Famous name to be a damn good pair of jeans. That’s what attracted us to their Core Essentials lineup, which eschews the wilder fabrics for established classics like indigo denim and duck canvas. When you know N&F has already done the footwork finding the best Japanese fabrics woven on old-school shuttle looms, and that each pair is cut, sewn, and finished in Canada to the highest quality standards, you can spend your time worrying about the important things in life — like why didn’t Rose move over for Jack when there was plenty of room for two on that door?

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