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The Solo - Compact First Aid Kit



Color: Black



This is a final sale item

Activity-based first aid kits with exactly what you need to stay safe out there

MyMedic started with a simple question: "What if we could make the tools required to save a life simple, accessible, and affordable?" They built a company around the answer, which was a resounding “yes”. Their first aid kits are specifically designed to help everyday people save lives, and the Solo Compact First Aid Kit comes packed in a lightweight, water-resistant carrying case that's designed to always be with you while keeping your first aid supplies safe from the elements.

  • Designed to make first aid simple with everything you need to treat injuries away from medical help
  • Solo pack contains supplies to treat one person
  • Compact case can easily be thrown in a pack or luggage and is carry-on-friendly
  • Buttoned MOLLE straps on the back are perfect for attaching to a pack
  • Heavy duty handle and construction
  • Center-fold design gives you quick access to your supplies
  • Oversized zipper is easy to open
  • Includes supplies to treat bleeding, blisters, dehydration, and skin injuries