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Music Hall

Something about cuing up a playlist full of MP3s with classics from Crosby, Presley, Mathis and Cash has never sat right with us. That's why we're bringing back our best-selling turntables from Music Hall, giving you a chance to experience "Folsom Prison Blues" the way it was originally intended — at 33 ⅓ rpm, and with with all the rich detail that’s lost in other mediums. As the centerpiece of the entire listening experience, it’s crucial that your turntable be built to precise and exacting standards. Music Hall tables are up to the task, offering an unprecedented balance of classical aesthetic and richness of sound. Every Music Hall turntable features modern touches like vibration-dampening feet and an ultra quiet belt drive. Sleek, slim and coated with a high gloss lacquer finish in either piano-black, white, or Ferrari red, the MMF-2.2 is the display-worthy, audiophile-approved turntable. We’re also featuring Music Hall’s signature Debe Headphones for the very first time, which come complete with details like super soft memory foam ear pads, and an internal headphone splitter so you can easily share your favorite tunes with friends. So whether you're starting a new vinyl collection, searching for a period-correct way of enjoying your oldies playlists, or just trying to find the perfect pair of headphones to jam out with during work, Music Hall is absolutely the best bang for your buck.

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