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monkii bars

monkii bars



Color: light/electric blue




Wherever you go, there’s the gym.

An ultra-portable bodyweight training device, monkii bars ignites adventure and enables you to work out anywhere. Their production obsessed over making them as lightweight, good-looking, and easy to set up as possible, so you’ll have no excuse not to whip ‘em out and get your sweat on.

  • (2) Bars
  • (2) Adjusters, suspension lines
  • (4) Plugs
  • (2) monkii-keepers
  • Setup guide included
  • Access to 10x10 Training Manual, online video library
  • User weight limit: 220 lbs
  • Made in USA

monkii bars: an ultra-portable workout device from The Wild Gym Company on Vimeo.

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