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Some souvenirs are just too good to leave on vacation. The seed for Mohinders was planted on one such trip when founder Michael Paratore found himself in a vibrant village in the remote village of Athani on India’s northern tip. There, he found third- and fourth-generation master shoemakers crafting leather slippers using a time-consuming 36-step process from naturally bag-tanned water buffalo leather that requires more than a month to prepare. Some of the steps, like the regional Cavani weaving technique used to attach the upper and insole, can’t even be done by machine. Collaborating with a collective of these local craftsmen and women, Paratore made some modern upgrades for even more comfort and durability and wound up with the first ever City Slipper. With a natural crepe rubber sole and woven leather upper that mold to your feet over time—the more you wear these super-comfy slip-ons, the better.

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