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Modern Sprout

Prickly Pear Cactus Grow Kit



Color: Terracotta




Create an indoor desert oasis with a foolproof cactus grow kit

Considering they can boost your focus, up your mood, and lower your stress, the houseplant movement makes a lot of sense. Plus as home decor, few things are better at improving the look of a room. Modern Sprout knows all this and they make it easy for anyone to become an indoor gardener, with low-maintenance, foolproof systems that include everything you need to add greenery and life to your interiors (just add sun and water). These kits will turn anyone into a victorious houseplant hero.

What’s Included

  • Non-GMO prickly pear cactus seeds
  • Stainless steel net pot
  • Coco pith disk
  • Polypro wick
  • Plant food
  • Instruction manual

  • Prickly pear cactus grow kit includes everything you need
  • Terracotta pot has a glazed interior to prevent leaks
  • Utilizes a passive hydroponic system that mitigates over- or under-watering
  • Easy-to-follow instructions are perfect for houseplant novices
  • Assembled in Chicago

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