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Misc. Goods Co.

Misc. Goods Co.

Before achieving widespread design acclaim, Tyler Deeb was a super-talented freelance graphic designer struggling to make ends meet. One-by-one, he started drawing out his own playing cards in hopes that a more modern interpretation of a classic pastime staple would get him some visibility. One card became 52, and the acclaim that followed more than put him on the map. These same award-winning cards would become the start of the Misc. Goods Co., a collection of unique, gentlemanly essentials which now includes everything from a minimalist American-made leather wallet to a sleek ceramic cork-top flask. Whether you’re raking in the chips from a winning hand on poker night, or taking a pull from the flask to warm up around the campfire, Misc. Goods has all the beautifully crafted essentials that you need.

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