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Meridian Line

Meridian Line

A man is a man when he knows who he is and where he stands.” It was along this longitude that we proudly released into the wild the artistry of Meridian Line — a series of soulful tees and prints by our friend, illustrator and all-around mountain man, Jeremy Collins. And since that moment nearly two years ago, we've watched Jeremy's work garner massive, industry-wide accolade, gracing campaigns by Patagonia, a cover story on National Geographic, and an Outdoor Inspiration top podium slot. It should come as little surprise – every Meridian Line design starts with a wilderness-inspired sketch that comes to life through Jeremy's precise linework and subtle sense of humor. In time for Spring we restocked this shop with all our new favorite Jeremy Collins Designs — and brought back some classics, like The United States of Awesome, too. You can rest assured that Jeremy has poured his heart and soul into capturing the essence of the places that inspire us the most, by truly knowing where he stands.

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