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In certain circles, Marshall needs no introduction. The legendary audio company’s fiercely loyal supporters are a “who’s-who” of music royalty. Everyone from The Who (see?) to the Black Keys to Jimi Hendrix has relied on Marshall to crank their music up to 11. Now with a new range of speakers and headphones, it’s never been easier to bring Marshall’s stadium-filling sound wherever you go.

All of the classic Marshall touches are here — that iconic script logo, gold-colored analog buttons, hair-raising sound — with the addition of modern technology. The Stanmore speaker can wirelessly connect to your device via Bluetooth, or if you’re feeling old school, it can also be plugged into your record player. The portable, stocking-sized Kilburn speaker has an insane 20 hour battery life so you can keep your music blasting on an epic roadtrip (or just straight through the night). And if you want VIP treatment, the music-hall sound quality of Marshall’s headphones feels like a private concert right inside your head.

Whichever choice you make, your favorite music will blast from a legend of Rock & Roll history. Just try not to get carried away and trash your room.

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