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If your quest for better, more restful sleep ended when you saw the eye-watering price tags of most modern bedding, you’ll be awfully pleased to discover Malouf — a progressive upstart that dreams of “equal sleep for all.” To make those dreams a reality, they’ve built a collection of impressive sleepy-time stuff from the ground up, utilizing ultra-soft technical fabrics that work to regulate your body’s ever-changing temperature and give you the most restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep possible.

Back by popular demand are Malouf’s otherworldly Zoned Dough Pillows. So many of us here at the HQ sleep on ‘em every night, you could call us “Dough Nuts” (sorry). Their top-secret, exclusive formulation cradles your head exceptional well, giving neck and shoulder support that’s more substantial than a feather pillow yet softer than memory foam. Malouf didn’t stop there, these pillows have therapeutic benefits: the Lavender features a calming, subtle aromatherapy while the Charcoal uses bamboo charcoal to keep you cool, reduce humidity, and even clean the air.

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