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Luvhaus Ceramics

Luvhaus Ceramics founder, Shawn Kam, gets busy like a blacksmith, battling flames in a 2280°F kiln and pulling from it perfectly formed ceramics, each with an individual glaze and ergonomic design. Why, you might be wondering, would someone sweat so much for a cup? Because Kam’s vision goes way beyond the novelty mugs lining most cabinets, and reaches for the bond between people and where they drink from. Luvhaus’s tumblers are made to nestle warmly into your hand, home, and morning (or late night) routine. Each piece is handthrown in their Berkeley, CA studio into a shape that’s grabbable and rests comfortably in your palm. And the more colorful-looking offerings here are soda fired, a process by which liquified sodium carbonate is shot into the Luvhaus kiln, immediately vaporizing and giving each tumbler a uniquely patterned glaze. They’re all dishwasher and microwave safe too, ready for daily kitchen duty, emboldening your home and morning coffee fix.

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