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Levitating X

Levitating Whiskey Cup



Color: Black




Lift your spirits

Meet the world's first levitating cup. Developed by a group of innovators dedicated to giving the products in our lives a little more magic, the Levitating Cup is designed to float cup of your favorite beverage inches above the base where you can grab it from midair when you're ready for a sip. The cup is made from a shatterproof plastic and designed to remain floating upright over the base even when jostled. It’s a slick desk addition, definite conversation starter, and an ideal gift for any drink lover out there.

  • Levitating cup system that floats inches above its base
  • Includes 12 fl oz multi-use cup
  • Sleek black magnetic base
  • Simple levitating operation
  • Dishwasher safe cup
  • Use for cocktails, wine, whiskey, beer, coffee, ice cream, and more

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