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Levitating Moon Light



Color: White/Walnut



This is a final sale item

Illuminating and levitating lunar sphere

Meet the world’s first levitating moon lamp. Developed by innovators over at Coocepts (an abbreviated version of ‘cool concepts’) this lamp was designed to realistically portray the lunar light we see when looking up at our own night sky. A desk-sized replica, this 3D printed sphere is marked with lifelike craters and shading – hovering just above a sleek walnut base. It can rotate at high speed, or suspend without motion, up to you. You also have the option between two lunar filters – a warm light and cooler white light setting. Both options are adjustable, so you can dim or brighten the lamp to your liking. It’s a slick desk addition, definite conversation starter, and an ideal gift for any lunar lover out there.

  • Miniature lunar replica
  • Sleek docking system
  • Simple levitating operation
  • Wireless charging while levitating
  • Dimmable brightness
  • Two light settings: warm and cool