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When’s the last time you pulled off your boots, rolled ‘em up like socks, and fit ‘em in your carry-on? We’re guessing never, unless you have a pair of Lems. With the architecture of the human foot as their North Star, they build packable travel boots with huge ergonomic upsides like a wider toe box for natural stability and a zero-drop footbed to keep your spine in proper alignment—allowing your feet to live up to their natural potential. It adds up to the ideal travel shoes: comfortable, but lightweight and durable too. Whether you find yourself deep in the backcountry or exploring the back streets of a new city, Lems can take you there.

Lems shoes may be lightweight, but boy do they pack a punch. The OG Lems Boulder Boot is the epitome of what this amazing brand has to offer. The jack of all trades, this packable, waterproof, zero drop boot is built with the foot's natural comfort in mind and built as tough as nails. Despite being constructed with a wide toebox to fit the natural shape of the human foot while trekking tough trails, these handsome minimalist hiking boots look just as good on a casual outfit hitting the local watering hole. Before you know it, you’ll be reaching for these puppies every time you walk out the door.

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