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man holding leatherman knife
man holding leatherman knife

Odds are you’ve already got a good idea of (a) what a Leatherman is and (b) who needs one, but if not, here’s the quick and dirty version: (a) the best multi-tool on the planet, and (b) everyone. We admired them on Dad's hip from a young age, along with the way he popped it out of his leather holster for just about everything—from slicing open the mail to emergency campsite repairs. With all the history behind them, you can imagine it’s a big deal whenever Leatherman adds to their lineup of core multi-tools. Their newest is the Bond, a minimalist take on Jim Leatherman’s original PST tool from 1983. Along with the one-handed FREE and classic Wave, we’re fully stocked with these ingenious toolkits that fit in your pocket.

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