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Odds are you’ve already got a good idea of (a) what a Leatherman is and (b) who needs one, but if not, here’s the quick and dirty version: (a) the best multi-tool on the planet, and (b) everyone. We admired them on Dad's hip from a young age, along with the way he popped it out of his leather holster for just about everything—from slicing open the mail to emergency campsite repairs.

So you can imagine how big of a deal it was when Leatherman dropped their biggest redesign since the ‘80s with their latest FREE Collection, easily the most convenient set of tools we've ever used. See, every multi-tool in this lineup only requires one hand to open, use, and close, meaning you’ll never have to ask someone to “hold my beer” in order to get the job done. All-new to this one-handed lineup, Leatherman just released two multi-purpose knives—the K2 and K4—both sure to find their way into every glovebox, campsite, and tool drawer in America. Both folding knives feature 3.3in blades and house 8+ tools in their compact, aircraft-grade aluminum handles. These might be a modern upgrade to Dad’s old design, but they’re still made with the same old-school grit we’ve come to expect from Leatherman.

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