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Larq Movement Terra Edition - Self Sanitizing Water Bottle


Color: Black/Clay - 24oz.




The cleanest water bottle on the market

Introducing LARQ: the state-of-the-art water bottle that cleans 99.999% of bacteria thanks to the built-in UV-C LED purification system. This purification system is derived from the same technology that hospitals use to quickly and efficiently sterilize emergency rooms, so you can feel truly confident that your water is next to godliness. No more funky odor, built-up bacteria, or water with unhealthy germs, the LARQ bottle is changing the game for water drinkers. And with the lightweight single-walled steel construction and silicone sleeve, the LARQ Movement is ready for adventure.

  • Special Edition Terra colorway that captures the rich colors of red clay that’s naturally occurring and found in former riverbeds across the world, made from minerals and organisms forged together by the climate over time
  • Designed with UV-C LED purification system in the lid that kills 99.999% of bacteria in just 60 seconds
  • Single-walled steel construction is lightweight and ready for backpacking, hiking, or heading to the gym
  • Automatically purifies your bottle every two hours, or whenever you press the top button
  • Includes an Adventure Mode that packs a little extra punch and is perfect for water on-the-go, whenever, wherever
  • Built with a Li-Polymer battery with a waterproof charging micro USB system
  • One charge lasts up to a month and recharges via micro USB
  • Proprietary powder coating and silicone sleeve eliminates condensation and enhances grip
  • 24 oz capacity

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