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Klik Belts

Sometimes, a belt is just a belt, but let us be clear: this is not one of those times. Klik Belts are built from the ground up with the toughest materials around and backed up by a lifetime guarantee. Let’s start with the webbing: two plys of super strong woven nylon — both MIL-SPEC, the same stuff used to keep soldiers strapped into Humvees — make the belt burly enough to clip in your EDC gear, whether it be an everyday kit or a comprehensive tactical loadout. The webbing is equipped with a heavy-duty Cobra buckle machined by AustriAlpin from the same aluminum they use in space shuttles and fighter jets. They’re the highest-rated and most reliable load-bearing buckles in the world, bar none, and super lightweight at that thanks to the aluminum construction. Backed up by not only a 4,000 pound load-bearing test on every belt but also a lifetime guarantee, there’s no doubt in our mind that the sun will set on our adventuring days long before our Klik Belts ever give out on us.

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