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If Huckberry was around in the 70’s, your morning would probably go kinda like this: After combing your mustache and pulling on a fresh pair of corduroys, you rollerskate out to your mailbox and grab our newsletter. Inside are a bunch of hand-sketched pictures of Kletterwerks, the latest badass backpacks from outdoor renegade Dana Gleason, put through their paces by Himalayan climbers. Fast forward 40 years and they're back in all their US-made, beat-the-hell-out-of-em glory — with Cordura Nylon, glove-friendly YKK zippers, and all-metal hardware.

What sets these apart from other heritage packs is their construction. They’re made in Bozeman, Montana by the same guys (does Mystery Ranch ring a bell?) who make backpacks for US Navy SEALs and forest fire-fighting Hotshot crews — and out of the same materials too. Plus, each bag’s been updated with a padded laptop sleeve, to make up for the fact that the 70’s weren’t exactly known as a great time for portable computing. And, to fully bridge the gap between old school and new school, Kletterwerks added a brand new bag to their lineup — the Drei Zip, which blends classic Kletterwerks construction with a 3-ZIP design that today’s outdoor gearheads drool over.

Bummer. No products are currently available from Kletterwerks

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