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“A genuine, good knife becomes your loyal companion and is with you throughout your life.” - Karesuando

Lapland. The land of the midnight sun. Home of the Northern Lights. Dominion of Santa Claus. And a damn cold place to get caught out in the barren wilderness. With winters that dip to -40C and last half the year, it’s good to have a hobby—and it’s even better (for us) if that hobby is making knives.

Every handmade knife, axe, and trinket the Swedish bladesmiths at Karesuando have shipped over the last 35 years—and every component piece—is crafted in the Swedish town from which the company takes its name, an astounding 250km north of the Arctic Circle. Like the beauty of the Aurora Borealis, Karesuando’s knives can be hard to believe at a glance. We promise it’s not Photoshop: each one is a pocket masterpiece, crafted by a Norse artisan using techniques honed over centuries of local handicraft. Just take a gander at the fine-tuned craftsmanship of the Nallo Button Lock: it’s a modern marvel situated with a carefully sharpened, 2½” stainless steel blade, laid in a curly birch handle, finished with reindeer leather (yes, really) and antler accents, and improved with a button locking safety system. Sure, that’s a mouthful, but let’s be real, each exquisite detail deserves recognition—needless to say, we humbly suggest you grab one before they go extinct.

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