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Julia Szendrei

Sun Burst Charm Necklace


Color: 14K Gold Filled




Elegant but down to earth, ethically sourced and handmade, Julia Szendrei is one of our favorite jewelry designers on the West Coast

It's not hard to see why we love Julia Szendrei's jewelry. Chosen with care, the stones and colors are all beautiful, sensible, and eye-catching in just the right way. Every piece makes a fantastic gift, and they're very wearable and versatile too—they can be dressed up or down, and worn for any occasion. Like a carefree summer’s day, the Sun Burst Charm Necklace is full of light and movement with a delicate chain and shimmering cubic zirconia diamonds.

  • A bright sunburst charm lined with CZ diamonds on a gold-filled chain
  • Adjustable length is ideal for layering with other chains
  • Handmade with a close attention to detail
  • Made in the USA at a women-run company

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