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Jasper Hill Farm

Jasper Hill Farms & Patagonia Provisons Gift Box


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All the makings of an epic cheese plate, delivered right to your door ready to eat

It might not seem like the most logical pairing at first, but if you dig in a little deeper Patagonia Provisions and Jasper Hill Farms, with their deep connection to where their products come from, are two of a kind. Patagonia only sources from producers that are committed to sustainable practices. Likewise, Jasper Hill Farms in Vermont is a dairy farm and creamery that sets the gold standard for how artisanal cheese should be made on a local basis. That’s why we brought the two together in this specially curated gift box that contains some of our favorite items from the two. So whether you bring it all together for a top-of-the-line cheese plate or work through them snacktime-by-snacktime, you can trust that you’re getting not only a product with a remarkable sense of place in every bite, but also some of the best flavors money can buy.

Important Notes

  • Includes three cheese wedges and three Provisions packages
  • Cheeses are all made using milk from cows on their own farm or nearby producers in Vermont
  • Patagonia Provisions ingredients are sourced only from farms and fisheries that use regenerative practices that restore the planet
  • Orders ship with cold packs in an insulated box to arrive perfectly chilled at your doorstep

Jasper Hill Cheeses

  • Alpha Tolman cheese has a buttery, fruit-and-nut flavor when young, developing bold meaty, caramelized onion flavors as it matures. The texture is dense and pliant, easily portioned, and ideal for melting. (6 oz wedge)
  • Von Trapp Oma cheese balances pungent and sweet flavors with aromas of roasted nuts, cured meat, and cultured butter, finished with an earthy rind. Soft and spreadable but not runny. (8 oz wedge)
  • Weybridge cheese is a lightly aged cheese with a thin rind, a creamy outer layer with delicate toasty flavors, and a dense inner layer with a bright acidity. (4 oz wheel)

Patagonia Provisions

  • Original Buffalo Jerky made with 100% grass-fed buffalo that graze on the Great Plains. Lightly seasoned and dried for that classic robust and chewy jerky snack (2.2 oz package)
  • Apricot Almond Bars are portable bars packed with nutrients and calories, made with organic mangos sourced from farmers in Nicaragua that use regenerative soil practices to restore the land (2 1.2 oz bars)
  • Seeded Turmeric Breadfruit Crackers are made with nutritious and gluten-free breadfruit flour, made from breadfruit that grows on trees that enrich the soil around them and help fight the climate crisis (4 oz package)