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J. L. Lawson & Co.

True North Spin Coin


Color: Brass




Spin it and let your mind wander, or use it to find your way

When they’ve got something they really need to think on, you’ll most often find one of our EDC buyers here at HBHQ staring at their Spin Coin spinning endlessly on their desk, a far-off look in their eyes, pondering the type of heavy stuff EDC buyers ponder (e.g. what piece of gear can I add to my pockets and who makes the lightest version?). This one has a small compass built into the middle of the coin, giving it double the uses for double the fun.

  • Manually machined by hand from solid copper stock
  • Small working compass in the middle of one side
  • Ceramic ball bearing for long, smooth spins
  • Average spin times of 6 - 7 minutes, but higher times are achievable on a good surface with practice

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