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J. L. Lawson & Co.

A pair of second and third generation machinists, Floyd and Anthony are using the same machines their patriarch, J. L. Lawson, used back in the 1950’s to create one-of-a-kind copper and brass goods. Tradition inspires them as much as ingenuity, but this isn’t your average EDC fare. J.L. Lawson offers a unique take on the everyday essentials for your pockets. Each piece starts as a chunk of metal. It’s then machined entirely by hand because well, that’s how they'd always done it, and it’s what set them apart from the pack ever since the first day they opened up shop.

For our newest collection from J. L. Lawson, brass is the new black. Check out our exclusive, brass bottle opener that has been carefully crafted with unbelievable detail. Built to last, the skill and patience it takes to perfect each of these unique items echoes the distinct generational quality of J. L. Lawson & Co.

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