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Stovetop Pizza Cooker


Color: High Carbon Steel



This is a final sale item

Make perfectly crispy and delicious pizza in just three minutes — no oven required

IRONATE is a pizza cooker for your stovetop that, through innovative construction, makes deliciously crunchy pizza with perfectly cooked toppings in mere minutes. It’s designed to quickly soak up the energy from your stove and radiate it back to the pizza as intense heat to cook quickly and evenly. And no one likes a unitasker cluttering up their kitchen, so you’ll be glad to know can cook a frozen pizza, sear a steak and bake a piece of fish just as efficiently as it can cook pizza.

IRONATE will get its dark, almost flat black color with use. Each time you use it, it will get darker and more even in color.

  • No oven needed — make a crispy on the outside, soft in the inside pizza crust on any type of stovetop, grill or campfire
  • Heats up to a blazing 800 degrees in under 10 minutes
  • Cooks pizzas to crispy perfection in just three minutes
  • Made out of tough steel that’s designed to last for generations
  • Makes homemade or frozen pizzas up to 10”
  • Not just for pizza — sear, saute, stir-fry and anything else on the superior cooking surface
  • Made from all-natural and long-lasting natural materials
  • Includes the Ironate pizza cooker, two wooden handles, and one user manual with pizza recipes