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Impossible Project

Impossible Project

Impossible Project is here to silence the “kids these days” rants of grumpy technophobes. Look, instant gratification has always been, well, gratifying. See, decades before every pocket carried a smartphone-powered camera, Polaroid revolutionized the way we capture memories with its daylight-developing instant film. And lucky for us, the Impossible Project has picked up where the iconic company left off, bearing the torch of analog photography while ushering the medium into today’s age with their brand new, groundbreaking I-1 camera.

Back in 2008, the founders of the Impossible Project bought the last factory in the world producing Polaroid film to save 200 million instant cameras from becoming paperweights. And if that wasn’t enough, they also began lovingly restoring classic Polaroid cameras like the SX-70 – the latter of which was immortalized as Warhol’s camera of choice. But what has everyone at Huckberry HQ currently geeking out is Impossible Project’s I-1: the world’s first new instant format camera in over 20 years, which combines the ease of a point-and-shoot with professional-level aperture and shutter control. And to perfectly bridge the gap between analog’s lo-fi charm and today’s tech, it can be paired to your iPhone to experiment with creative effects like light painting, double exposure and more. Kids these days have it made.

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