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Gas Growler Deluxe


Color: White




The portable, refillable answer to a mountain of disposable propane canisters

Last time you went camping, chances are a green canister of propane was part of the setup. Undeniably useful for camp stove cooking, those one-pounders come with one major drawback—they’re single use, which means 48 million of them head to the landfill each year. Ignik solves that problem in the most elegant way we’ve seen, with an easy-carry, easy-use growler that's completely refillable. One fillup gives you the same fuel as five canisters, and is as simple at stopping by your local propane filling station. Cleared for transport inside your vehicle, the Gas Growler Deluxe will make your next foray into nature a lot more nature-friendly.

This item is available for domestic US shipping only. Returns can be made ONLY if the growler has not been filled with propane. If you notice an issue with your growler after it’s been filled, please contact our customer service for assistance.

  • A refillable, no-waste solution for heat and cooking in the outdoors
  • One Gas Growler fill costs about the same as one single-use green propane canister and supplies five times as much fuel
  • Includes a four-foot hose that’s compatible with any heater or stove that accommodates the single-use green propane bottles
  • Complies with DOT specifications to allow for safe transport in your car, SUV, RV, or boat
  • Rugged protective case has room for the hose and wrench and makes the growler easy to transport
  • Molle stitched webbing on the case allows you to attach accessories or strap the growler down for transport
  • Tanks are shipped pre-purged and ready to be filled at any propane filling station.

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