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Nordic A-Frame Cabin Candle


Fragrance: Nordic A-Frame




Immersive scents to inspire adventure from the comfort of your home

At Huckberry we’re never not daydreaming about our next adventure. We can’t help it — must be something in the water (or Anchor Steam) here. The densely wooded parks and pristine beaches of Northern California call to us every minute of everyday, but just like everyone else, we’ve got a full inbox and a to-do list longer than the Lost Coast Trail.

So, we took to the candle crafting business to recreate the smells we yearn for while chugging away in the “real” world. The scents we chose are some of our favorites that we hope transport you to a similar memory of hours well-spent immersed in adventure, and help inspire your next new feat.

  • Scents of whiskey, spicy citrus, bay laurel, and disconnected wifi
  • Essential oil infused wax with all natural and organic ingredients
  • Cotton wick for maximum burn time
  • 55 hour burn time
  • All ingredients made in the United States
  • Hand poured in Richmond, Virginia

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