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Compact EDC Kit


Color: Black and Silver




A knife, a dual-function screwdriver and a multitool, all packed neatly into our favorite compact carry system

Keysmart makes one of the smartest carry systems around, and when we saw these modular attachments that fit right into it, the gears in our heads went straight to work figuring out how we could use it to build a compact EDC kit that didn’t sacrifice utility for a lightweight build. We opted for the Keysmart Extended as a base chassis, and after a few months of testing in the field, everywhere from the top of Half Dome to our morning commutes, we settled on a few essentials we simply don’t want to be without, no matter the situation, and fit them snugly into the Keysmart chassis with room for a couple of keys to spare.

  • Griffin Pocket Tool: An feature-rich mini multitool that packs a helluva lot of functionality into a small but unbreakable package
  • Bit Driver: Sturdy stainless steel frame with a reversible phillips/flathead bit for quick, on-the-go fixes
  • Folding Knife: Because you can’t leave the house without a pocket knife on you, and this one is about as compact as it gets

Due to shipping regulations this item is unavailable for international delivery.

  • Room for two to three keys in addition to the EDC tools
  • Versatile selection of tools for a range of activities
  • Fully customizable Keysmart chassis allows you to add, remove and rearrange the tools to fit your EDC perfectly
  • Includes Keysmart Extended as well as extenders and spacers
  • Includes 10” of 550 paracord for a custom lanyard

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